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Welcome to Era 18. Apologies for the rough start.

Become A Kings of Chaos Supporter

** Donator status is now active. New donors or previous donors please contact KoC_Admin in game or on Discord with your paypal name and ingame name. Players can also gift Donator status to another player, just add their in game name to the message to KoC_Admin and they will receive donor status (Donor status applies to 1 account per donation).**

*****Once you have donated, you need to message bon on Discord or KoC_Admin in game to have your status added. Just a reminder.*****

Kings of Chaos is completely free to play. This is what sets this game apart from other games out there. You cannot buy your way to the top, you also cannot gain an advantage over others. We rely on ads to help cover our costs but sometimes help to cover those costs is appreciated.

Really who wants to play a game where it all comes down to who has the most real $$$ to buy in game purchases and make the game owners wealthy?? Especially when after the current round ends and all your shit gets reset you have to spend more of your hard earned $$$ again thus making game owners even more wealthier. Donor status never gets reset, if you keep your current account in a new era, if you create a new one contact admins and it will be added.

So here is your chance to become a supporter of the game, it does not matter the amount you donate. Big or small it's up to you just rest assured that what you contribute goes towards keeping this game free for everyone.

Since there are no in game purchases or ways to boost your clicking we do offer something that shows you do support the game.

  • Donor status on your stats page that will let others know that even though you do not get an advantage over others you do have supporter status.
  • Donor status on our game chat on Discord. Your role gives you donor status and you get access to the donor channel.
  • Donor status on the forum.

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