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Age 23.5 will end in 1 month, 2 weeks, 2 days, 7 hours, 35 minutes and 56 seconds.
Got some questions or need some help or just want to know what other players are up to or just want to join in the fun, click the CHAT link at the top of the page next to the shield.

Build your army, conquer your enemies, become a King of Chaos!
Gather your troops to fight the coming horde! Come to the aid of your allies and destroy your enemies! Harness your strength and fight for your people! Use your might to spread evil throughout the land! Fulfill your oath, gather your fallen, and find final rest!
Manage your army flexibly:
30% Income Bonus
35% Spy Bonus
Defend stoutly:
55% Defense Bonus
20% Income Bonus
Recon and Sabotage stealthily:
45% Spy Bonus
55% Fewer casualties
Attack fiercely:
35% Attack Bonus
20% Defense Bonus
Keep eternal watch:
35% Sentry Bonus
70% Fewer Casualties

Age 23.5 will end in 1 month, 2 weeks, 2 days, 7 hours, 35 minutes and 56 seconds.

Social Media & Chat Platforms
IRC, Discord & Whatsapp
Dear Players,

We would like to let everyone know of the current social media platforms we currently use.

Players can reach Administrators and other players from within the KoC community through the following;

  • IRC - The Cyanide-X Network is still the Primary platform and will remain the priority. While it is an outdated relay for chat, we have many updates coming out to benefit players who are active and present on the network.
  • Discord - Invite Link, we have adapted to the requests of players and we have created a Discord Channel. Players are welcome to join but will need to be verified by Admins or Moderators. Simply provide your unique KoC link.
  • Whatsapp - We also use whatsapp for general chat, players should seek out bon and ask for an invite - or ask your alliance & friends.

Players are reminded that rules still apply to each form of chat Kings of Chaos uses.

KoC Admins

Important Announcement
Dear Players,

Please read GUA for more information.

KoC Admins

Game Updates
Dear Players,

Strange things are happening with conquests, what could they mean?

If you are overpowering wizards, you may want to try one last conquest

KoC Admins

Dear Players,

Sabotage has been rolled back.

  • -The ratio is 2:1.
  • -20 sab turns per 24 hours.

KoC Admins

Dear Players,

Clicking is slightly more rewarding.

KoC Admins

The Downtime
About our downtime
Dear Players,

The bonus has ended. We have removed everything except the trickle change.

We do scour the GUA posts on suggestions for the game, it may not always come to past but be assured we are listening.

Kings of Chaos Administrators & Moderators

Click here for the latest ChangeLog

Visit GUA for any other concerns.

Game Moderators are active on our Cyanide-X IRC Server. Click chat at the top right side of the banner to join.

Race Populations
Orcs 201 22%
Elves 218 24%
Humans 225 25%
Dwarves 132 14%
Undead 136 15%
Total 912
Current Users
Players Online 137 96%
Guests Online 5 3%
Total Online 143 16%
Battles Today
Type Total Success
Attacks 6,914 97%
Recons 19,833 60%
Sabotages 4,033 55%
Raids 1,544 77%
Conquests 12,489
Top 10 Alliances
Name Members Power
Disaster Center 6 117
FF-LoP-LACN 47 81
FoD~RL 29 62
Solace 47 48
Sweet Revenge 104 46
Rising Brotherhood 31 33
ToF-ATG 29 26
Lord Galdors Clan 27 23
The United Empires 11 11
TAS 15 8
Fiercest Alliances
Name Members Strength
FF-LoP-LACN 47 85
Disaster Center 6 71
Sweet Revenge 104 61
THTC 3 48
FoD~RL 29 38
Stoutest Alliances
Name Members Fortitude
FF-LoP-LACN 47 94
ToF-ATG 29 82
Sweet Revenge 104 55
Rising Brotherhood 31 54
TAS 15 42
Stealthiest Alliances
Name Members Stealth
Sweet Revenge 104 121
FF-LoP-LACN 47 89
Solace 47 56
Disaster Center 6 35
FoD~RL 29 33
Most Vigilant Alliances
Name Members Alertness
FoD~RL 29 106
Sweet Revenge 104 87
FF-LoP-LACN 47 69
Solace 47 57
ToF-ATG 29 44
How are alliance ranks calculated?

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