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Got some questions or need some help or just want to know what other players are up to or just want to join in the fun, click the CHAT link at the top of the page next to the shield.

Build your army, conquer your enemies, become a King of Chaos!
Gather your troops to fight the coming horde! Come to the aid of your allies and destroy your enemies! Harness your strength and fight for your people! Use your might to spread evil throughout the land! Fulfill your oath, gather your fallen, and find final rest! Use the magic provided and stay hidden!
Manage your army flexibly:
25% Income Bonus
Defend stoutly:
60% Defense Bonus
Recon and Sabotage stealthily:
50% Spy Bonus
Attack fiercely:
50% Attack Bonus
Keep eternal watch:
65% Fewer Casualties
Be better prepared:
35% Sentry Bonus

Era 2 will end in 2 weeks, 2 days, 20 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds.

Happy New Year!!!
January 1, 2019.
With another year behind some of us already, the Admins of Kings of Chaos would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

As the new year has stormed in so has the below!

  • 10,000 Extra Morale - This does not affect your clicking morale!
  • 3,000 Experience!
  • 5,000 Attack Turns to raid and farm your juicy enemies!

We hope everyone enjoyed bringing in the new year, we sure did.

2019 we hope will be an exciting year for Kings of Chaos. Constant changes every era and some special bonuses that will pop up here and there to hopefully make the game more fun for everyone.

Merry Christmas!!!
December 54th, 3029
Ho! Ho! Ho!,

We would like to thank every single player for sticking around during this transition. We have had some bumpy roads and issues that we have never anticipated. We would like to wish everyone and their families a Merry Christmas. Santa has come to Kings of Chaos and left some nice goodies for players to enjoy!

What is in the bag, you wonder?

  • Conquests Reset! - Yes! Everyones Conquests have been reset back to the beginning.
  • Experience for Conquests half-life has been increased! Instead of 4x it is now 10x!!
  • To do these Conquests or even to simply raid players, we have given everyone an additional 2,000 Attack Turns!

Again, we thank everyone for sticking around the hard times. We are finally moving forward with additional features in 2019 and hopefully a successful year.

Era 2
December 5, 2018 The New Era Awaits!
Dear Players,

See the Hall of Fame Here

Congrats to the below for their effort in Era 1!! (Top 5)

Honourable Mentions!

Welcome to Era 2, please see below the current changes.

  • Hobbits - A new race has risen from the depths of their grass fields, after sitting in the medows they have finally taken a chance to be taken seriously.
  • Hobbits - Sentry bonus has returned at 35% bonus.
  • Sentry - Now has its own upgrade seperate from Spy.
  • Spy & Sentry - Prices have been adjusted.
  • Conquests - Several more have been added and Conquests overall has been adjusted.
  • Attack Damage - The damage ratio has been slightly adjusted.
  • Sabotage - You can no longer recycle weapons that has been sabotaged. Instant loss has returned.
  • Alliances, with a new Era comes a new time. Reform yourselves and become strong once again! You can only have 1 alliance, so choose wisely.
  • Race Bonuses - Have been slightly updated.
  • Income - Gold turns are now 1x not 2x.
  • Click lists set to 1x and 4x morale per click.
  • Trickle levels are now 4, from 2.
  • Conscription is now maxxed at 6,400.

You may contact us at any of the below social media platforms. Please be aware response times may vary depending on your current timezone.

For in-game issues please speak bon or Endtime, for any complaints speak with Rolz.

bon - Game Owner & Administrator

Endtime - Lead Developer & Administrator

Rolz - Developer, IRC Administrator & Moderator

Race Populations
Orcs 340 26%
Elves 278 21%
Humans 389 29%
Dwarves 173 13%
Undead 73 6%
Hobbits 67 5%
Total 1,320
Current Users
Players Online 159 98%
Guests Online 3 2%
Total Online 163 12%
Battles Today
Type Total Success
Attacks 7,411 97%
Recons 18,009 60%
Sabotages 6,212 63%
Raids 559 66%
Conquests 8,837
Top 10 Alliances
Name Members Power
Alpha Gangs 101 129
Cerberus 100 110
Sweet Revenge 131 102
~Relentless Legacy~ 53 59
Rising Brotherhood 35 30
..:: Tears of Fury ::.. 13 20
Forces of Darkness 20 15
NSG 10 14
~Lord Galdors Clan~ 24 13
DEMK 28 11
Fiercest Alliances
Name Members Strength
Alpha Gangs 101 139
Sweet Revenge 131 124
~Relentless Legacy~ 53 91
Cerberus 100 73
Rising Brotherhood 35 30
Stoutest Alliances
Name Members Fortitude
Cerberus 100 128
Alpha Gangs 101 107
~Relentless Legacy~ 53 71
Sweet Revenge 131 71
~Lord Galdors Clan~ 24 25
Stealthiest Alliances
Name Members Stealth
Alpha Gangs 101 133
Sweet Revenge 131 105
Cerberus 100 61
~Relentless Legacy~ 53 58
DEMK 28 48
Most Vigilant Alliances
Name Members Alertness
Cerberus 100 135
Alpha Gangs 101 113
Sweet Revenge 131 107
~Relentless Legacy~ 53 58
Rising Brotherhood 35 25
How are alliance ranks calculated?

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