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Build your army, conquer your enemies, become a King of Chaos!
Gather your troops to fight the coming horde! Come to the aid of your allies and destroy your enemies! Harness your strength and fight for your people! Use your might to spread evil throughout the land! Fulfill your oath, gather your fallen, and find final rest! Use the magic provided and stay hidden!
Manage your army flexibly:
15% Income Bonus
40% Fewer Casualties (removing the word bonus because it's not consistant)
Defend stoutly:
40% Defense Bonus
20% Spy Bonus
Recon and Sabotage stealthily:
40% Spy Bonus
15% Attack Bonus
Attack fiercely:
40% Attack Bonus
20% Defense Bonus
Keep eternal watch:
60% Fewer Casualties
25% Sentry Bonus
Be better prepared:
40% Sentry Bonus
10% Income Bonus

Era 6 will end in 2 weeks, 4 days, 22 hours, 3 minutes and 48 seconds

April 2020-04-01 09:10:05
Rule clarification: As you can probably tell by now, April 1st's announcement was a hoax. These ridiculous changes are not being implemented - but we really appreciated all your feedback on them! (Plus, our Minister of Finance has informed us that paying for a free game is lame.)
  • Toilet Paper: Might make its way into the game at some stage (it's now a major part of everyone's lives).
  • Premium Accounts: Will never be a part of KoC, the game is free for all, we use ads to pay for the game along with those that help out with donations. Pay to play, pay to win cannot be done here so if you want to do so there are other games out there that you can play as obviously KoC isn't for you.
  • Access to admins: Unfortunately the 3 admins listed were passed over by the Supreme Admins bon & Rolz. Due to the current only 2 people allowed in a group in Australia, if the other 3 were made part of the admin team we would be breaking the law and no one wants us to do that. They have since been removed and told to STAY AT HOME
For now remember that April Fools pranks are just for fun.
April 1, 2020
Due to the feedback players have given us, we will begin systematically implementing every suggestion we've received in the past fifteen years. We will begin with a few of these changes and run them until the end of Era 7, then will evaluate player comments and conerns when deciding whether to leave them as part of the game before testing the next set of changes. Here is the first set of gameplay changes for Era 7:

  • New Weapon: Toilet Paper - Similar to the Blackpowder Missle, but with twice the strength, you can use it to tee pee another players base, keep it for your soldiers so they do not need to use Gum Leaves, or use it to make more $$ selling to overseas buyers. Undead equipped with Toilet Paper receive a 25% bonus when using this weapon against the darkness.
  • New User Advisor: Good ol Munchkin - By popular demand, we have added a feature that will automatically buy weapons for you each gold turn, will automatically sabotage anyone who attacks you and has that attack defended (until they send you 1000 morale), and will periodically browse the battlefield, attacking and reconning likely targets based on a treasury/DA evaluation. Note: since the Good ol Munchkin is still a relatively new and untested feature, we have not yet been able to prevent it from attacking allies or friends.
  • Attack Percentages: Instead of random attack and defense damages in battles, you will always attack and defend with 100% strength. Instead, the information gained from recons will be random. How much do you trust your spies? Note: Good ol Munchkin takes this change into account in its calculations.
  • Virtual Friends: If you have already exhausted your circle of friends, neighbors, and coworkers in a quest for new officers, you can now register up to 1000 "virtual friends" - computer players who will "register" as your officers and are controlled by Good ol Munchkin decision-making technology. They will also periodically communicate with you and ask (quiz) you about Kings of Chaos rules. If you don't get the answer right or don't respond, they will ditch you as a commander and join the chain of your biggest enemy.
  • Premium Accounts: Due to the economy, Kings of Chaos can no longer simply be a free game. We have created "premium" accounts at the cost of $100AU per month, which will have the following advantages over a regular account:
    • God mode: For one week each Era you can turn on God Mode. During this time you cannot be attacked or sabotaged.
    • tee pee soccer: Unit production you purchase will be half the cost and produce five times as much as regular unit production.
    • SuperMunchkin: You will have access to developmental gameplaying technology, as well as invites to future beta test eras and armchair-access to the admins' ears with your suggestions.
    • Access to Admins: New admins are Dank, Spiderwoman_LaCN & xeros-RL : want to know more about the game ask them, they will be glad to help.
We hope you'll enjoy the changes! Click here to access our Paypal link where you can pay to become a premium member. Good luck!
March 2020-03-28 09:23:05

Few minor changes.
  • Current Economy gold per turn has been added to Military Overview.
  • Conscription time you receive your soldiers has been added to Military Overview.
  • Commander Conscription time you receive soldiers from your commander has been added to Military Overview.
March 2020-03-27 11:28:35

The ability to save notes on a player has been added to a players stats page. The notes saved are for your own personal viewing incase you need to remember something for future reference. No one else can see what you save.

March, 2020-03-24 07:49:13
Attack, Raid, Recon, Sabotage buttons have been repositioned to make it more mobile friendly.
March 2020-03-14 10:09:38

Few minor changes.
  • Lost Weapon Log is now hidden, click the + to see what you have lost.
  • Maxxed Sabotage message has now been changed just for a bit of fun.
  • Cosmetic text changed have been made, minor changes to make things look a lil better.
Feb 18th, 2020
Trade Change

Experience to Attack Turns.

  • 212 exp gives 80 attack turns decreased from 225 exp.
  • 410 exp gives 160 attack turns decreased from 450 exp.
  • 780 exp gives 320 attack turns decreased from 850 exp.

  • This is the first change to trading during an era, It won't be the last..

Feb 2nd, 2020
Sell all button has returned with a new look.

The sell all button has returned fully operational. You must enter the correct text and the correct password, if you do not your weapons/tools do not get sold. If you do add both correctly all your weapons/tools are sold. You cannot screw this up.

January 28th, 2020
New Additions
  • Successful Sabotages and rank has been added to the statistics page.

  • Successful Recons count has been added to the statistics page.

  • Lost Weapon Log has now been added to the Armory page. You will now see what Weapon was sabotaged, Gold amount lost and Timestamp of the sabotage
January 25th, 2020
New Additions
  • Click Ranks have now been added to the menu list. Your name and rank in regards to amount of clicks you have done will update instantly.

  • Public Recruiter link has been added to the Recruiter for those joining the game, please read the disclaimer on the forum post before using the Public Recruiters.

  • All game upgrade costs, levels, multipliers can be found here KoC Upgrades

  • Statistics page has some new additions, total game wide recruiter clicks, biggest hit ingame, more to follow.

  • Preview and Send on writemail.php have been moved to provide a quick fix for android users so that landscape no longer needs to be used to send a message.
January 20th, 2020
Era 6 Has Begun

Good Luck and have fun!!

January 20th, 2020
Era 6 Changes

Game changes.

  • Players will receive 2 Commander changes and 3 Race changes.

  • Sabotage changes.

  • Spy to Sentry ratio for sabotage has changed from 1-1.3 to 1-2.0

  • Experience per attack.

  • Players will receive 120 Exp per successful attack reduced from 175 Exp previously.

  • Clicking changes.

  • Players will be able to click the recruiter links 2x with 10x Morale given for every click.

  • Trade System.

    Experience to Attack Turns.

  • 200 exp gives 80 attack turns increased to 225 exp.
  • 370 exp gives 160 attack turns increased to 450 exp.
  • 730 exp gives 320 attack turns increased to 850 exp.
  • Experience to Instant Soldiers.

  • 500 exp for 150 morale decreased to 250 exp.
  • 1000 exp for 300 morale decreased to 500 exp.
  • 2000 exp for 600 morale decreased to 1000 exp.
  • Misc Experience Trade.

    Commander change.

  • Previously 10,000 exp now 6,000 exp.
  • Race change.

  • Previously 15,000 exp now 7.500 exp.

  • Safe, Covert, Sentry, Experience per turn, Conscription Upgrades have all been increased.

    Good Luck and have fun!!

January 19th, 2020
Era 6

KoC Admins would like to congratulate those that achieved their goals at the end of Era 5. We are currently working on changes for Era 6 and will have the game back up within 48hrs from the end of Era 5. Once the changes for Era 6 are finalized we will announce what has been changed and will put up a timer to announce the start of Era 6.

Good Luck everyone!!!

January 18th, 2020
Era 5 Final Rankings

Congrats to the below for their effort in Era 5!! (Top 5)

  • #1 MadGeorge-SR
  • #2 Squishy_LoP
  • #3 Brandonito
  • #4 The_RMFz
  • #5 noga-SR

  • Honourable Mentions!

  • Orcs | MadGeorge-SR #1
  • Elves | Squishy_LoP #2
  • Humans | TheHotFather_LaCN #7
  • Dwarves | Brandonito #3
  • Hobbits | Mylena #9
  • Undead | Monarch #25

  • Top 5 Clickers!

  • Brandonito | 247,623 clicks
  • kissmyaxe | 239,584 clicks
  • Rpkm-SR | 229,369 clicks
  • Dark_Mirage | 228,923 clicks
  • TheHotFather_LaCN | 220,637 clicks

  • Alliance Stats!

  • Top Ranked Alliance | #1 Sweet Revenge
  • Smallest Alliance in Top 5 | DEMK #5 39 Members

  • Miscellaneous

  • Smallest Army in Top 50 | Allahu_Akbar #42 70,165
  • Most Gold Held in Top 50 | Brandonito #3 26,120,372,796 Gold

  • Era 5 Final Stats

    Era 5 Final Alliance Stats

January 1st, 2020
Happy New Year

Kings of Chaos admins would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Hope you all stay safe and enjoy the holiday season.

December 25th, 2019
Merry Christmas

Kings of Chaos admins would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Santa has arrived and you will find a 500m present in your SAFE. Ho ho ho.

September 18, 2019
Welcome to Era 5! A new battlefield awaits you!

Good luck, but most importantly, have fun!

Era 5 Changes

Exp Per Turn has been nerfed both in the Cost & Exp Per Turn.

Trade Exp > Turns has stayed the same - This will change every month as a new feature.

Conscription levels reduced (19 levels to 9). Costs decreased and the amount of Conscription you get will be very lush..

Safe Upgrades have been adjusted.

Era 4 Final Ranks
September 17th, 2019 End of Era 4
Dear Players,

Congrats to the below for their effort in Era 4!! (Top 5)

  • #1 CarPoolLane
  • #2 Rpkm-SR
  • #3 EpikGamer
  • #4 Sam-NWO
  • #5 Sir_Smokesalot_DEMK

  • Honourable Mentions!

  • Top Ranked Alliance | #1 Cerberus
  • Smallest Army in Top 50 | #49 BB-RL

Race Populations
Orcs 264 18%
Elves 433 30%
Humans 357 25%
Dwarves 98 7%
Undead 101 7%
Hobbits 189 13%
Total 1,442
Current Users
Players Online 163 77%
Guests Online 48 23%
Total Online 212 15%
Battles Today
Type Total Success
Attacks 11,901 98%
Recons 14,965 76%
Sabotages 15,716 83%
Raids 3,389 40%
Conquests 8,064
Top 10 Alliances
Name Members Power
Cerberus 138 127
Rising Brotherhood 71 89
Gladiators 53 82
Sweet Revenge 97 70
RelentlessLegacy 37 53
FFLOP 58 23
DEMK 48 20
..::Tears of Fury::.. 9 16
La Cosa Nostra 53 13
~Lord Galdors Clan~ 17 10
Fiercest Alliances
Name Members Strength
Rising Brotherhood 71 146
Cerberus 138 132
RelentlessLegacy 37 79
Sweet Revenge 97 43
Gladiators 53 32
Stoutest Alliances
Name Members Fortitude
Cerberus 138 128
RelentlessLegacy 37 84
Rising Brotherhood 71 68
Sweet Revenge 97 51
DEMK 48 39
Stealthiest Alliances
Name Members Stealth
Cerberus 138 125
Sweet Revenge 97 88
La Cosa Nostra 53 64
Rising Brotherhood 71 56
Gladiators 53 54
Most Vigilant Alliances
Name Members Alertness
Cerberus 138 130
Sweet Revenge 97 68
Gladiators 53 57
Rising Brotherhood 71 56
DEMK 48 56
How are alliance ranks calculated?

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