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Age 23.5 beta will end in 5 months, 2 weeks, 10 hours, 27 minutes and 28 seconds.

Build your army, conquer your enemies, become a King of Chaos!
Gather your troops to fight the coming horde! Come to the aid of your allies and destroy your enemies! Harness your strength and fight for your people! Use your might to spread evil throughout the land! Fulfill your oath, gather your fallen, and find final rest!
Manage your army flexibly:
30% Income Bonus
35% Spy Bonus
Defend stoutly:
55% Defense Bonus
20% Income Bonus
Recon and Sabotage stealthily:
45% Spy Bonus
55% Fewer casualties
Attack fiercely:
35% Attack Bonus
20% Defense Bonus
Keep eternal watch:
35% Sentry Bonus
70% Fewer Casualties

Age 23.5 beta will end in 5 months, 2 weeks, 10 hours, 27 minutes and 28 seconds.

Game Updates
Age 23.5 Update #4
Dear Players,

Over the years players have been able to violate the KoC rules in numerous ways because of the lack of admin activity and moderators not having the available tools to catch those using illegal tools.

Well that is going to change, we want everyone to enjoy their experience playing this game everyone has loved to play for many years but we want the experience to be a fair one. We have and will implement new tools for moderators that will catch players that do not want to play by the rules and those will be dealt with. Since this is a BETA any violations found will see the removal of their account from the game. They can then create a new account but be assured that if they continue to use illegals tools/cheats they will be permanently banned from the game.

We do not apologize for the way we want the game to run, we are trying to revive the game back not to its former glory but hopefully somewhere near to it. We know text based games are highly outdated but there is a community that still enjoys playing text based games and we want to be able to provide the game to you without players abusing the rules.

You will notice that there is work being done on the site and hope that you enjoy the changes and understand that some of those changed have been abused to begin with and we are hoping that during the BETA age we can find new and interesting ways to keep the experience of playing KoC fun. We have instructed bon and ta- to keep an eye on the New age changes thread and we are also looking at players suggestions and we will be implementing some ideas over the time the BETA runs so that the game becomes a little more interesting for all. Not all ideas are going to make the new age but we are exited to see the ideas that have been suggested so far.

Once again we hope that you enjoy KoC and hope that the flouting of the rules stops so everyone will be on the same level playing field and to do so we will be implementing new features that alliances have in their scripts into the game and will be phasing out injection scripts that use greasemonkey and tampermonkey.

KoC Admins

Game Updates
Age 23.5 Update #3
Dear Players,

Please see below the following changes for the beta age 23.5;

  • -Dwarves 40% Defense bonus changed to 55%, Income bonus changed from 15% to 20%.
  • -Elves 70% Fewer casualties bonus changed to 55%.
  • -Undead 85% Fewer casualties bonus changed to 70%.
  • -UNLIMITED commander changes.

With the additional changes to races, we have changed the race change credit to 10.

KoC Admins/Moderators.

Game Updates
Age 23.5 Update #2
Dear Players,

The recruiter issue with finding uniqid's to click has had a hotfix and changes are below;

  • Clicking has been increased to 3x from 1x to test the new hotfix.

Known issues unresolved;

  • Numpad is still on strike - this is not due to missplaced commands.

Once again, we appreciate everyones patience for this rocky age 23.5 start. Please continue to update GUA with any new issues

KoC Admins/Moderators.

Age 23.5 Update #1
Dear Players,

Admins/Moderators have decided that AGE 23.5 will be a BETA age. AGE 23.5 is meant to run for 6 months but that could change at any time.

You might also notice during the age that there will be upgrades/additions to the game, you might also notice upgrades/additions removed from the game.

We are hoping during this BETA period you understand that we are trying to bring some excitement back into the game. The game is subject to change and feedback will always be encouraged to further make this game more enjoyable for everyone playing it.

KoC Admins/Moderators.

March 03, 2018
Message From Your Mods:: Welcome to the 6 month Age 23.5

It is finally time, we have been working hard on getting the game up and there will be a 2 hour timer before the new age kicks off.

Latest Updates:

We are rewarding the patience of the players with a bonus booster for this age, players will recieve the following;

  • 2,500 Unit Production.
  • 50,000,000 Starter Wealth.
  • 5,000 Attack Turns.
  • -Click list reduced from 5x to 1x.
  • -We have also added ReCAPTCHA Version 2 (version one will no longer work as of late march, 2018).
  • -Change of ownership.
  • -Fixed several holes in the golf course.

Good Luck.

KoC Admins/Moderators.

Race Populations
Orcs 303 25%
Elves 189 16%
Humans 481 40%
Dwarves 122 10%
Undead 115 10%
Total 1,210
Current Users
Players Online 178 96%
Guests Online 6 3%
Total Online 185 15%
Battles Today
Type Total Success
Attacks 8,584 98%
Recons 24,753 65%
Sabotages 34,192 14%
Raids 1,290 82%
Conquests 5,664
Top 10 Alliances
Name Members Power
Dark Avengers 173 179
Sweet Revenge 175 125
Solace 75 113
Striker Family 41 28
Lord Galdors Clan 30 17
ToF-ATG 22 17
S-numbers reactivated 1 12
~Relentless Legacy~ 4 12
TAS 20 9
DEMK 28 9
Fiercest Alliances
Name Members Strength
Sweet Revenge 175 160
Dark Avengers 173 145
Solace 75 111
Striker Family 41 23
~Relentless Legacy~ 4 19
Stoutest Alliances
Name Members Fortitude
Dark Avengers 173 147
Solace 75 119
Sweet Revenge 175 104
ToF-ATG 22 30
Lord Galdors Clan 30 16
Stealthiest Alliances
Name Members Stealth
Dark Avengers 173 129
Sweet Revenge 175 85
Solace 75 84
Striker Family 41 67
Lord Galdors Clan 30 61
Most Vigilant Alliances
Name Members Alertness
Dark Avengers 173 201
Sweet Revenge 175 150
Solace 75 81
DEMK 28 17
ToF-ATG 22 16
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