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Ricochet Stats
Name: Ricochet
Commander: Drama-
Alliances: Cerberus (Primary)
Alliance Image:
Race: Hobbits | Nasty Hobbitses!
Rank: 15
Previous Age Rank 1,164
Highest Rank: 5 / 1 month ago
Army Size: 1,756,776
Army Morale: -100
Fortifications: Hand of God
Buddy List Status: None
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Recent Recon Mission Logs | Last Updated
Strike Action ??
Defensive Action ??
Spy Rating ??
Sentry Rating ??

Name Rank Army
Chiefrocka 153 707,356 Elves
cn330 192 889,280 Hobbits
SnacksAttack 906 28,818 Hobbits

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